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Lawas Automotive Lubricants
Speciality Lubricants, Lawas Industrial Lubricants, Lawas Automotive Lubricants


Lawas Lube - Specialities is 100% Indian Petroleum Company having 20 year's long experience of manufacturing, marketing in the lube industries. Producing wide range of Automotives, Industrial's & Specialty Lubricants. Lawas offers 300 plus products oflubricants.


Lawas has a wide range of Automotives & Industrial lubricants to cater to various segment of the Industries. Currently, the range includes Engine Oils, Gear/Transmission Oils, Hydraulic Oils, and Industrial Gear Oils, Open Gear compounds, Thermic Fluids, Quenching Oils, Pneumatic Oils, General Machinery Oils, Wire & Deep Draw Oils, Electro-stamping Oils, EDM Oils, Water-soluble Cutting Oil, Synthetic & Semi Synthetic Cutting Oils, Neat Cutting Oils, Honing/Broaching Oils, Rust-preventive oils, Transformer Oils, Petroleum Jelly, General Purpose & High-temperature Greases etc. We also undertake such challenges to make tailor-make products as per the required Specifications.


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Lawas Powercon -15W /40: is a very high performance diesel & petrol engine lubricant. It is a multigrade oil for use in turbo charged & naturally aspirated diesel engine & high powered petrol engine ideal choice for D.G.Sets of all OEM's. The performance level meets API CF - 4, MIL - L -2104E/46152 E ofBIS 13656:1993 specifications. Lawas Turbolube -32/46/68: These turbine oils are formulated from excellent additives and highly refined selected base stocks. The base oils used are highly paraffinic. Their performance is further promoted by addition of anti-oxidants, rust -inhibitors and anti-foaming agents. These are recommended for lubrication of all types of turbines like steam, gas and hydraulic .... Lawas - 400/600: These are soluble oils, form a stable milky white emulsion with water of normal hardness. It contains a rust inhibitor in an emulsified form and anti-oxidant to impart anti-corrosive properties and a biocide to prevent bacterial growth in the emulsion. This oil has superior cooling and lubricating properties, which imparts excellent surface finish and minimizes tool wear.
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Lawas Lube -Specialities
Contact Person : Mr. Ratan Kharol
Mobile : 09324249531
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Shop No.26, National Paradise, Plot No.290/1, Takka, Mumbai-Pune Highway, 

Panvel- 410206, MaharashtraIndia.

Tel. No. : (022) 26732382
Fax No : (022) 26732382
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