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Lawas Automotive Lubricants


Engine Oil

A) Lawas Powereon -15W /40: is a very high performance diesel & petrol engine lubricant. It is a multigrade oil for use in turbo charged & naturally aspirated diesel engine & high powered petrol engine ideal choice for D.G.Sets of all EM's. The performance level meets API CF - 4, MIL - L - 2104E/46152 E of BIS 13656:1993 specifications.
Extended oil brain period.

Lower oil & fuel consumptions.
Increase engines protection & longer engine life.


B)Lawas Sugam MG - 20W /40/Sugam - 10/20/30/40/50: is a multigrade& mono grade motor - oil has super performance automotive engine oil. Specially formulated for use in petrol & diesel engine like passenger cars, trucks, buses & other light & heavy - duty vehicles. This product meets API CD/ SF, MIL - L - 2104 C & BIS 13656 performance requirements.


Protects against wear & corrosion.


Less friction & excellent load carrying capacity.

Lower oil consumption & improves fuel efficiency.


C) Lawas Humraaj -10/20/30/40/50/ Humuraaj MG - 20W /40: is a monograde& multigrade engine oils most suitable for use in turbo charged & naturally aspirated diesel engine & high powered petrol engine. This oil has exceptional thermal& oxidation stability. They have good built-in alkaline reserve to combat corrosive wear that may result r=frorn the use of high sulphur fuel. This oil meet API CD/SF MIL - L- 2104 C BIS 13656:1993.


Automotive Gear Oils

A)Lawas Gear lube EP - 90 /140 is a multipurpose extreme-pressure lubricant meeting the requirement of some manufactures ofhypoid, spiral, bevel & worm gear, transmission systems of cars, buses & trucks, tractors & other heavy duty manual transmission equipment's. This product performance level meet API GL - 4 & 1118 specification.

B)Lawas Gear lube HD - 90/140 /80W /90 is special multipurpose heavy-duty hypoid gear oil possessing high load carrying capacity for sustained high speed & high torque service. This oil is used for moderate to severe condition is hypoid all other Types of gear & manual transmissions. This product performance level meet API GL - 5 & BIS 1118: 1992 specifications.


Excellent load carrying capacity even at high temperatures.
High EP & oxidation resistance.
Excellent rubber seal compatibility.
Also suitable for running in purpose in new gearboxes.


Transmission Oils

A) Lawas ATF Oil is automotive transmission fluids specially formulated to meet the requirements of demanding high static co-efficient offriction to have firm clutch lock- up. It is recommended for use in automatic transmission-power steering units& synchromesh gearboxes of automobiles.
A)Lawas Grease Chassis:Premium quality chassis grease for year round general chassis lubrication including suspension & stearing system. Itmeets BIS 506 507:1993.

B)Lawas Grease WB: is s sodium soap base grease fibrous adhesive having excellent shear stability for long time in services. It is recommended for automotive wheel bearings, universal joints, clutch release fan bearings not exposed to water. It meets BIS 10647:1993.

C)Lawas Grease AP -2/ 3: is lithium soap base grease with extreme pressure additives , having high load carrying capacity and protects form rust and oxidation. It is' recommended for automotive bearings, earth moving equipments, gear couplings, electric motors, mining machinery. Itmeets BIS 7623:1993 &NLGI - 2/3.

D)Lawas Multisuper Grease: Is calcium based multipurpose grease multisuper possesses excellent water resistant, anti rust & anti corrosive properties. They are recommended for general application & plain & anti friction bearing where temperature are moderate. (Below 70°C). This grease acts as protective layer on exposed parts. This grease is recommended for general chassis lubrication including suspension & steering system. It is also suitable for certain open & semi enclosed gears as well as chain drives of farm earthmoving equipments.


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