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Metal, Wire & Tube Drawing Lubricants


A)Lawas Drawcom - 44 : This product is non-staining, water soluble, cream coloured paste for "dry on" or emulsion applications specially developed for use as an effective coolent in wire drawing operations as Metal Pressing, Stamping, Deep Drawing, Tube Drawing, Forging etc.

B) Lawas Drawcom -15: It is stable, non-staining refined petroleum oil blended with fatty oil improve wetting characteristic. It has good cooling ability and is recommended for us in Aluminum wire drawing operation.

C)Lawas Pressmat R - 100/150/180/220/800:These series are specially developed for the metal forming process which includes operation like Pressing, Stamping, Deep Drawing, Tube Drawing and forging. During these operations considerable amounts of heat and stress are developed. Our stamping oil grades are tailor made to satisfy the various requirements included in metal drawing/forging operation. This oil is highly cost effective, as the rust preventive additive is included. And so there is no need of any extra preventives after the operation for a short period.

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